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Suffer Fools Gladly


I'm Danny Mellor, actor & writer from South Yorkshire who trained at Royal Welsh College Of Music & Drama. I was last seen with Badapple in their Christmas show 'The Snow Dancer'.


The idea for a show about a Jester is something I've thought about for some time. What most intrigues me was their role in truth-telling and holding leaders to account...something that could be useful in today's world! Inspired by my love of social commentary, classic rock music and comedy, 'Suffering Fools Gladly' is a show designed to show the need for more Jesters in the world, and that maybe we all have a bit of Jester within us already...


With additional parts read by Anastasia Benham-



Anastasia is a Rose Bruford Colleg BA Acting graduate who recently performed in our CHristmas production of The Snow Dancer. Some of her other credits include Hooked, a romantic comedy set in Norway, Blue Stockings by Jessica Swale, Middletown by Will Eno and Vernon God Little by Tanya Ronda. Anastasia flew home to Australia during the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown to be with her family where she recorded these lines from her house in rural Queensland. Be sure to listen out for the snakes that live in her loft!


And original guitar 'stings' composed and performed by Simon Haworth

Simon is a singer-songwriter and guitarist based in Newcastle who recorded these tracks from home, right next to the Roman Wall! He has been a professional touring musician for many years and currently tours internationally with The Mile Roses as well as performing with the Real to Reel ceilidh band.


The episode was produced by Kate Bramley and edited by Annabelle Polito.


With grateful thanks to for sound effects where those licensed under the Attribution license are detailed below:


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